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Hendra Vaccine Duration Of Immunity Increased To 12 Months.
The APVMA has just announced that the Hendra virus vaccine has now been approved to be delivered once every 12 months, following administration of the first two priming doses and a once-off, six-month booster. When interviewed by ABC News, EVA President Dr Ian Fulton said: “It was a good outcome for horse owners and will take pressure off veterinarians. We’ve known for some time that the duration of immunity scientifically would last 12 months and we knew that the documentation has been supplied to the regulatory authorities and we were just waiting for them to assess it.” AVA’s Hendra spokesperson, Dr Nathan Anthony agreed that the final approvals by the APVMA confirmed the vaccine’s safety, and said: “The APVMA have to consider safety as well as the effectiveness of any medication that they register and this announcement from the APVMA is further endorsement.”