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Sick of cleaning stables and paying the huge electricity and feed bills when you stable your horse under lights? We now have a solution: Equilume Light Masks!

They work by using a low level of blue light to (in simple terms) trick the horse into thinking they are getting longer daylight hours, to inhibit hair growth, which gives you a year round Summer coat!

In recent years, this has been achieved by stabling the horse under lights, or clipping throughout Autumn and Winter. You now have a convenient solution- the mask is fully automated and can be left on in the paddock, or is easily removable for riding.

Or maybe you breeding a mare and want an early foal? Equilume can help with that too! Mares will begin to cycle earlier than they would without the mask. Horses are “long day breeders”, so will cycle in Spring and Summer. Equilume means you can kick start your breeding season and produce an early foal.

We were so impressed with them last year that we are now using them on our embryo transfer recipient mares, instead of putting them under lights as we have been previously.

The Equilume Light Mask ensures early reproductive activity for barren and maiden mares, reduces long gestation periods and increases average foal birth weights in early foaling mares. The huge advantage in management means the mares can stay in the paddock or yard 24 hours a day and the mask does the rest.

Other benefits of the light mask include:

  • Optimises stallion fertility early in the breeding season
  • Improves coat condition for competition horses or sales preparation
  • Permits outdoor maintenance for happier, healthier horses
  • Reduces stabling costs and injuries
  • Fully automated
  • Veterinary approved for optimum eye health

Equilume now have three different styles of masks available:

  • Belfield (Normal Design)
  • Curragh (Replaceable Cup)
  • Cashel (Rechargeable)

Frequently Asked Questions;

How they operate- The first time you use it, you must activate the light with the included wand at 4pm. The light will stay on for 7 hours, until 11pm. After the initial activation the mask is then automatic, until you deactivate it. It emits a low level blue light into the eye.

How long they will last- The original non rechargeable design lasts 5 months. The replaceable cup design lasts 4 months, and the rechargeable design lasts 55 charges, with each charge lasting 10 days.

How durable are they- We have found they wear really well and are very durable, even in paddock use. They come with a 90 day guarantee so if the horse breaks the mask or it is faulty, it is replaced.

Breeding mares- You put the mask on 90 days before you want to breed. We will be putting them on our embryo recipient mares on the 1st of July

We are NSW stockists and have masks in stock and ready for purchase- we can post them out too! Please contact the clinic for further information or to place an order.

For more information please call the office on (02) 6365 4363 or email office@centralwestequine.com.au