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Client Information Night

 Prevention- From the Performance Horse to the Paddock Pony CWE is hosting a free client information night at the clinic, located at 960 Cadia Road, Springside.We will bee discussing why the old saying “prevention is better than cure” is true! Ultimately,...
Harvesting and Freezing Epididymal Sperm

Harvesting and Freezing Epididymal Sperm

Unfortunately stallions just like all horses suffer accidents and injuries which can be catastrophic and require immediate euthanasia. This unfortunately occurred to one of our clients horses last week but thanks to their quick thinking we were able to freeze his...

CWE’s Stallion Register

Have you got a stallion that you are wanting to collect for frozen semen? Do you want to take the hassle out of standing your stallion at stud and dealing with collecting and shipping chilled semen? Need to send semen same day but not sure how to do it? We are located...

Presents 4 Ponies in the RDA Orange

Here is our article in the Central Western Daily. Photograph by Phil Blatch. WHAT do the terms mucous membrane, wolf teeth, slant mouth or diphysodonts have in common? They’re straight from the horse’s mouth – literally. Weird horse mouth terminology and bad...