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Dr Juan Cuervo-Arango Lecina

PhD MSc CertVRep Dipl. ECAR (Equine)European Veterinary Specialist in Animal ReproductionMember of European College of Animal Reproduction Licenciated in Veterinary Medicine in Murcia (Spain) in 2003, Juan did his MSc in Equine Science in the University of Edinburgh...

Dolly’s Dream – Dreaming Under The Stars

Charity Auction – 1st June 2018:  Embryo Transfer Package Many of the staff and clients of Central West Equine have children, know children or have contact with young people in some way and so the tragic circumstances surrounding the death of Amy “Dolly” Everett...
Equilume Light Masks

Equilume Light Masks

Sick of cleaning stables and paying the huge electricity and feed bills when you stable your horse under lights? We now have a solution: Equilume Light Masks! They work by using a low level of blue light to (in simple terms) trick the horse into thinking they are...

Hendra Update.

Hendra Vaccine Duration Of Immunity Increased To 12 Months. The APVMA has just announced that the Hendra virus vaccine has now been approved to be delivered once every 12 months, following administration of the first two priming doses and a once-off, six-month...