Stem Cell Therapy

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  • Rehabilitation

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  • Medicine

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  • Dentistry

    Equine Dentistry is becoming increasingly more important to horse owners, and for good reason. We all know how painful a tooth ache can be, and unfortunately horses can’t tell us what is going on in their mouths. The way the horse communicates its pain…

  • Freeze Branding

    Freeze branding is a quick and easy way to permanently identify your horse, whether it be a requirement of your studbook or breed association, or to identify your horse in the case of theft or other circumstances. We are also accredited to brand, microchip and…

  • Stallion

    Reproduction- Stallion Central West Equine realises the importance of the stallion in Equine Reproduction and has purpose built facilities which allows us to offer a wide range of stallion services. The services that are offered by Central West Equine include Stallion evaluation, semen collection…

  • Mares

    Reproduction- Mare Central West Equine has a strong interest in equine reproduction. Since graduating some 20 years ago Dr David Searle ambition has been to perform advance reproductive procedures at the highest level. David has worked on some of the elite horses in all…


    Pre Purchase Examination Central West Equine believes that a pre-purchase examination is essential prior to the purchase of any horse whether it is an expensive racehorse, high level performance horse, broodmare or a kids pony. Not only are horses often expensive to purchase but…


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