Georgia Hamilton

I come from a non- horsey background but was sure to convince my parents to get me my very first pony at the age of around 7 years old. I started properly learning to ride at the age of 10. This progressed to competing in eventing and then moving into showjumping.

I think 2 weeks after the clinic had been open I rang David asking for work experience. From there I did a week following him around and having my eyes open to a snippet of the veterinary industry. From there during year 10, I started doing some week day afternoon and holiday shifts as a stable hand. Once I completed my HSC in 2016, where I finished my last exam on the 3rd of November I was here on the 5th and began working the breeding season. From there, I enrolled in my Certificate IV in Veterinary nursing which I completed in November 2017.

I am constantly in awe of the medical treatments and advancements in this field of work. Also, being able to nurse someone’s best friend back to health is a very rewarding experience!