Artificial Insemination

Reproduction- Stallion

Central West Equine realises the importance of the stallion in Equine Reproduction and has purpose built facilities which allows us to offer a wide range of stallion services. The services that are offered by Central West Equine include

  • Stallion evaluation, semen collection and sperm evaluation
  • Stallion chilled semen transport
  • Stallion semen freezing and Storage

Stallion evaluation, Semen collection and sperm evaluation

Central West Equine offers stallion evaluation, semen collection and sperm evaluation on stallions of all breeds. It is very important to remember that poor semen quality is not the only reason a stallion may have decreased fertility, there are several other reasons such as pain associated with musculoskeletal injuries, penile injuries, testicle problems etc that may be associated with a decrease in fertility. Therefore prior to attempting any semen collection all stallions undergo a thorough physical examination and examination of the external genitalia. Further examinations include ultrasound of the accessory sex glands or testicles, endoscopy of the reproductive tract, rectal examination and cultures may also be performed depending on the examination. Once that is complete semen collection is done in our undercover semen collection area using a purpose made collection dummy. Semen collection and evaluation is done for lots of reasons which include-

  • Assess a stallions fertility prior to the start of a season
  • Investigate the cause of any decrease in expected fertility
  • Insurance purposes
  • Fertility assessment as part of a pre-purchase examination
  • Assessment prior to collection for transporting or freezing

Semen is collected using an artificial vagina and once collected it is evaluated both grossly and microscopically, depending on reason for collection cultures can then be performed. Semen for transport or freezing also undergoes longevity trials using various semen extenders.

Cross Section Stallion Testicle

Fig 1 – Cross-section of a stallion testicle.

A microscopic view of semen

Fig 2 – Examination of semen under the microscope.

Stallion semen collection

Fig 3 – Stallion collection using a collection mount

Stallion chilled semen transport

Stallion collection and transport can sometimes seem daunting for owners but Central West Equine offers hassle free semen collection and transportation for stallion owners. This allows shipment of stallion’s genetics anywhere in Australia and means stallion owners can earn a return on their valuable investment. We will take care of everything including shipment arrangements, collecting payments from mare owners for collection fees and the timing of collection. Depending on the number of collections and the ease of transport to the clinic, stallions once trained can either just arrive at the time of collection or are able to agist in one of our stallion safe paddocks. The other huge advantage at Central West Equine is our proximity to major transport routines, we are only 5 minutes to Orange airport which has 3 flights to Sydney per day and 10 minutes to Orange which has depots for the major freight companies.

Stallions are collected using an artificial vagina over our purpose built collection mount in a fully lined undercover area. Semen is then fully checked, evaluated and extended in an extender already known to work well with the stallion. Semen is then packed into a purpose made transport container and transport is organised. A sample of the collection is kept for quality control.

Artificial vagina, ready for collection

Fig – 4 Artificial vagina ready for semen collection

Stallion semen Freezing and Storage

Stallions are often very valuable and their genetics need to be collected and stored to help preserve the owner’s expensive investment and return an income on this investment. Semen freezing and storage has several advantages for stallion owners which include long term storage of large amounts of a stallion’s genetic material for easy sale, as a form of insurance and being able to be used long after a stallion has died. Collection for freezing can also be done at a time that suits the stallion owner whereas chilled semen collection has to be done to suit the mare owner. Central West Equine will collect your stallion off a collection mount and semen is fully evaluated prior to cryo-preservation. We have several different freezing medium including what is considered one of the world’s best extenders from South America. Central West Equine also offers long term storage of semen and can also arrange shipment of doses to mare owners. If you are considering collecting a small amount of semen just for your own insurance or would like to collect large amounts to hold and sell please feel free to phone us and discuss you needs.

Fig – 5 Botu Semen Extender- Semen extender used to freeze semen


Fig – 6 Different semen extender for stallions